Super Internet TV - Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems connecting to the streams ?

1) If you have problems watching stations such as no video and audio only or other problems, please be sure you have installed the lastest version of Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer

2) Just like a TV set, live Internet television depends on the origin and not on the software that displays the TV images. Some stations can be off line due to their servers' overload or Internet traffic jams. Not all stations have a 24 Hours schedule. If you are receiving error messages on certain station please try later. The video quality is dependent on the broadcaster's own bandwidth; the higher the bandwidth, the better the video quality you will receive.

3) Make sure your copy of the Super Internet TV is up to date. Download the lastest version

4) Some Firewalls (used in Networks) make it impossible to receive streaming media. Ask your Networkadministrator for more info.

5) Sometimes channels will become unavailable because the company producing it will take it off the air for either the short term or long term.  When you are unable to view a channel and have tried everything above please help out all of us by reporting the channel as bad through e-mail.

6) Order the permium edition of Super Internet TV and get the latest channel database automatically

Why I need Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer?
Because Super Internet TV uses the system of decoding of both programs to present the radio and television signals. Super Internet TV cannot function without Windows Media Player and RealPlayer installed.

Where I can obtain those files?
By clicking in the links you will find the official places to download both programs.
Click here to Download RealPlayer for free!
Click here to Download Windows Media Player for free!

I constantly receive error 19, or error 14, what is the problem?
Many stations are now broadcasting in the latest version of RealPlayer. You should upgrade RealPlayer to listen to these stations.

I go to some chanels and I have "ready" and nothing works.
This is a network problem. You may encounter this phenomenon for one of the following reasons: 1) The server is down or busy. Try connecting to the server again later. 2) You are not connected to the local area network (LAN) or to the Internet. Connect to the network or Internet, and then try again. The tip of "ready" indicate that Super Internet TV cannot access this channel, it is ready to try another channel now.

How do I exit Full Screen mode?
To exit Full Screen mode, use the [ESC] ("escape") key on your keyboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions